Antipodes Map
A thought-provoking book which inter-relates some aspects of geography,
geometry and the telling of time from new perspectives

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  1. The novel Antipodes Map of the World (antarctic view) into which the geometric design of the football is incorporated to facilitate the measurement of distances and areas on the earth
  2. The extension of the Pythagoras' theorem to include the superficial areas of spheres
  3. The three chronographometers that simulate the earth's axial rotation to tell time instantly anywhere on earth
  4. The proposal of a possible solution to the controversy over the exact time of the discovery of the H.I.V. / L.A.V. virus that causes A.I.D.S
  5. The concept of a futuristic world-time chronographometer sited at the south pole
  6. A possible solution to Fermat's last theorem

Some excerpts from letters received by the author, commenting on the book;

"And I must say I found it quite fascinating. You have clearly spent a lot of time pursuing an entirely original idea."
"Outlook", B.B.C. World Service, U.K.
dated 23 August 2001
"This book will be a most valuable addition to the collection of the Dag Hammarskjold Library."
Dag Hammarskjold Library, U.N., New York, U.S.A.
dated 17 October 2001
".... thoughtful book."
Permanent Mission of Singapore to the U.N., New York, U.S.A.
dated 10 January 2002

Seasons of the Year


This is the time-print relating to the assassination of the American President John F. Kennedy, which happened at 12.30 pm of November 22, 1963 in Dallas, U.S.A. I remember exactly what I was doing when I first heard the fateful news over the radio at 6 pm, of Saturday 23, 1963 in Singapore, which was then an integral part of Malaysia, when the local time was indicated by longitude 105 E. I heard the news 16 hours after the incident. All these facts are clearly evident from the time-print. Note that the U.G.T. is 6.30 hrs. of November 23, 1963.

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